Dwarf Purple Isopods


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Dwarf purple isopods are purplish-gray to brown and even smaller than our white micropods, maxing out at about 2 mm as adults. The amphibian hobby often refers to them as Costa Rican dwarf or purple isopods where they are very popular as feeders for small froglets, etc. They’re great for controlling mold, fungus and mites, and are a source of food for some spiders, amphibians and other terrarium animals. These are fascinating little bugs that can be kept in large, easy to care for colonies. Available in starter colonies of 20 for $11.

This species is disinclined to burrow and will remain on top of substrate though it prefers to have flat bits of ground cover to hide under because these are generally more humid micro-climates. They are capable of explosive population growth if kept warm and moist.



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