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We offer captive bred desert beetle larvae in this listing. Grow your own! This product consists of a six pack larvae of desert beetles (tenebs). They basically look like mealworms but they are captive bred offspring of desert beetles we otherwise sell as adults through this website. Please note these are grub-like immature beetles that will grow and develop into adult beetles. It is recommended that you separate them into individual cups on arrival so that they can complete their development without being bothered during molting and pupation by other larvae in the tank. They eat the same foods that are offered to adults and as demonstrated in the following video of adults. We recommend 3.75 ounce cups at a minimum for each individual larva. The substrate type is not too important as they will feed on the pet foods and veggies, oatmeal, dead insects, etc. that you otherwise provide for them. They are not picky eaters. We mostly feed them pellet food (linked in the related products below).

Teneb is short for tenebrionidae. Tenebrionidae is the family of beetles that includes darklings like various species of Eleodes, Stenomorpha, Argoporis and death feigning beetles. These are basically the offspring of the species we include in the (adult) product called the “Desert Beetle Sampler,” and likewise they are random and certainly with the larvae shipping in this product we are not able to identify or predict what they are since various species come and go through our bins.

$15 for 6 larvae. We make no guarantee about what species these larvae will develop into since we rotate random adults in and out of our breeding tanks on a very regular basis.

From our Bugs In Cyberspace YouTube Channel…

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