African White Spot Assassin Bugs

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African White Spot Assassin Bugs Platymeris biguttatus are a hobby classic. These are sometimes called white “eye” assassin bugs. These live a couple years as adults, typically. Available as young 2nd to 4th instar nymphs. We will try to send same-sized specimens but inventory varies. We are currently feeding them small roaches.

$14 each.

These have a VERY painful bite and can supposedly shoot venom out of their rostrum (beaklike mouthpart). I’ve never seen them do the latter but it should be considered as you decide to buy this insect.

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1 review for African White Spot Assassin Bugs

  1. blaptica122 (verified owner)

    Very striking in person, with their jet-black exterior and bright yellow bands. Their movement is more expressive than most hemipterans too, it reminds me of the inquisitive, precise movements displayed by mantids. Relatively docile on arrival – not quick moving at all, no aggression displayed – so it was easy to get them into their habitat. They displayed no aggression towards each other even in the very small deli cup used for shipping, so I wouldn’t worry about ordering multiple together. They like sheltering on the back of pieces of bark, so if you want to see them, a container that’s clear on all sides with bark leaned against the wall is probably best. Highly recommended!

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