Sow Bugs Porcellio scaber Isopods


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Sow Bugs Porcellio scaber isopods are easy to raise. Gray is the most familiar color but sometimes orange and other colors will show up. Sow bugs feed on dried leaves and thrive in moist habitats. Bioactive tanks usually include isopods like these. Offer them supplemental foods like carrots, squash, apple and pet foods that contain protein.

A piece of bark on the surface of your substrate will provide cover and humidity for them. Adding moist sphagnum moss on one side of the cage will provide a constant source of humidity. They’re great for controlling mold, fungus and mites in your invertebrate and reptile habitats. Use them as a source of food for some spiders, amphibians and other animals. Sold as a culture of approximately fifteen individuals, often mixed sized.


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