Small Velvet Ant


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This listing is for a small velvet ant.

Disclaimer- They are wingless female wasps with a very powerful sting. Buyer beware! If you have an allergy to bee stings, we encourage you not to buy this pet insect. Rumor has it that stings from these insects are significantly more painful than stings from honeybees, for example. The species pictured is not necessarily the exact species you will get, but it will be similar.

These can climb glass or plastic so a well fitting lid with smaller ventilation holes should be used. They do like a dry tank and like to eat sugary liquids. We offer them beetle jellies (see related products, below).

These make wonderful communal tankmates with blue death-feigning beetles or other darklings (see related links below).

CURRENT specimens vary in coloration. Most are a drab brown color but they are still velvet ants which are so active and fun to watch!

Limit one per customer!

Photo approximates species, but isn’t necessarily the same species you will receive. Video shows another species or coloration that may be shipped. (Note that a larger species of velvet ant, as well as blue death feigning beetles are also featured in the video below but this listing is for the little stripey-abdomen type of velvet ant.)


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