Sacken’s Velvet Ant

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Late season specimens discounted. Missing some hair in some cases.

This listing is for Sacken’s velvet ant, Dasymutilla sackenii. Their coloration of hairs (setae) ranges in from yellowish to beige and gray on black bodies. These velvet ants are often confused with thistledown velvet ants but they are a different species.

Disclaimer- They are wingless female wasps with a very powerful sting. Buyer beware! If you have an allergy to bee stings, we encourage you not to buy this pet insect. Rumor has it that stings from these insects are significantly more painful than stings from honeybees, for example.

These may weakly climb glass or plastic and so a well fitting lid with smaller ventilation holes should be used. They do like a dry tank and like to eat/drink sugary liquids. We offer them beetle jellies (see related products, below). We typically spoon a little jelly into an upside down lid or feeding dish for them and then re-wet it by misting (just) the jelly every 2 or so days to keep it moist for them.

These make wonderful communal tankmates with blue death-feigning beetles or other darklings (see related links below).

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Specimens at the beginning of my @bugsincyberspace Instagram video below…



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2 reviews for Sacken’s Velvet Ant

  1. Antonio (verified owner)

    Very delayed review (bought mine over a month ago), but arrived alive and stridulating! Has been doing great in my communal velvet ant and blue dfb tank. Highly recommend buying from Peter, he REALLY cares about the health of the invert during shipping and have never had any issues!

  2. iang1605 (verified owner)

    Great packaging and arrived in good health.

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