Pill Bugs Armadillidium spp. (15 count)


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Armadillidium vulgare and Armadillidium nasatum are often called “roly-poly” bugs, or pillbugs (or in Europe “woodlice”). The former is slightly larger and more glossy and often has yellow spotting in older individuals. These can be kept in large, easy to care for colonies. Feed them dried leaves and keep their habitat moist. Celery and other bits of vegetable and fruit matter are eaten, as are dried dog or cat food. A piece of bark provides a place for them to hide and your bugs will appreciate that it’s even a bit more humid under it (important for reproduction and molting/shedding skin). Watch them roll themselves up into balls–a great classroom demonstration of a defense mechanism! They’re great for controlling mold, fungus and mites in your other invertebrate or reptile habitats. They are also commonly used as a source of food for some spiders, amphibians and other animals. Sold as a culture of approximately a 15 individuals (smaller medium to large size). Young are just a few millimeters long and adults top out at about 13 mm. Like other isopods, they are sexually mature (capable of reproduction) around the time they are halfway to their ultimate length.

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