Pet Velvet Worms Epiperipatus


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Pet Velvet worms are not often available. As of spring 2021 I am working to breed my captive bred culture of them. These are Epiperipatus barbadensis, the Barbados Brown Velvet Worm. Unlike the ones from New Zealand that have made it into the US hobby off and on the past couple decades on a limited basis, these ones are happy at room temperature and don’t require extreme measures like keeping them in wine coolers.

(Though I have these in the “other insects” section they are not, of course, insects. These invertebrates are so unique that they don’t have a dedicated section on this website, unfortunately.)

My video below is a long one but it reflects the tank I set up for them (see my YouTube playlist for Velvet Worms on the Bugs In Cyberspace channel for the tank set up “how to”). And best of all, you can see their very unusual hunting and feeding style!

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