Green Fig Beetle Larva


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Cotinis mutabilis is the Green Fig Beetle. We are offering young larvae L1/L2 of this species. After it matures it will be a shiny, metallic green beetle as reflected in the video below.

This species is easy to keep as adults and larvae. Pupation can be a little tricky and I recommend you separate the larvae when they are nearing pupation. Admittedly, it can be difficult to know when that is but when they get about as big around as your finger, that’s a good time!

Larvae feed on composted materials. I use oak flake soil mixed with leaves for optimum growth but the larvae are not too picky about compost soil and such. Beware of pesticides and fertilizers or other chemicals if you’re going to get something from the store. They are often found in compost piles/heaps in yards where they occur. They may also be fed decaying matter of most things and are reported to eat cracked corn and other grain types of products, fruits, etc.

It is one of the largest US flower scarabs at up to an inch. These are larger on average than the Eastern species, C. nitida. They are capable fliers and so you want to be careful in keeping a lid on the tank, especially in a warm room. They are active fliers under warm conditions.



One of the prettiest pet beetles, and easy to produce larvae #beetles #petbugs #insects #shinybeetle

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