Sexed Pair Ghost Mantises


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Available as sexed PAIRS (one male/one female) of large nymphs, L3/L4 or so (have shed their skin 2 or 3 times). $35 and you will receive male and female nymph. They are currently feeding on house flies (related products, below).

The ghost mantis Phyllocrania paradoxa has a scientific name almost as cool as their worldwide common name “ghost mantis.” These are really a kind of flower mantis disguised as a dead leaf mantis. If that isn’t confusing enough they blend all the traits of all other popular hobby mantises with their flanged legs, wide shield-like pronotum behind their heads, crowned or crested heads, leafy flanging on either side of the abdomen and cryptic, dead leaf coloration. Individuals are usually a medium brown color, though green and dark brown specimens are not uncommon. They don’t differentiate in coloration until they approach maturity and we sell them young before they start to show these colors.

They are renowned for being one more tolerant of each other (communal) in group settings, but if you only have a couple and want to breed them it’s recommended that you keep them apart while they are growing.

Click here for our mantis care sheet page.

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