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These water dishes are an attractive alternative to the upside-down milk cap method. They are made to look like a small, natural rock pool. It is important to keep your pet’s food off the substrate for several reasons. First, it prevents the food from getting dirty. Your bugs may not mind that too much, but food does tend to spoil more quickly and mold if it is in contact with moist or even dry substrate. In many cases mold will spread from the uneaten food and into the surrounding substrate. This is especially a problem in tanks with egg laying pets because the mold will come into contact with the eggs. It is a waste of food and a waste of substrate.

Another reason to keep the food off the substrate is that various “pests” like mites and fruit flies are easier to manage, should they unfortunately show up. Simply pull out the food dish, dump the uneaten contents and give it a quick rinse (these are dishwasher safe too), and replace it with fresh food.

These dishes are 5 inches across, safely holding more food than most bugs can eat in a single sitting. They work equally well as water dishes. One in the photo is an extra small, but slightly larger “smalls” are available now.

• Smooth Non-Pitted Non-Porous Surface Will Not Absorb Bacteria Stain Or Leak.

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