Dynastes tityus Adult Male


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This listing is for one captive-bred ADULT male. $56 each. Medium to Large specimens at around 60+ millimeters. Special terms of sale on these. There is no guarantee of lifespan. If it is dead on arrival I will refund you for the specimen, but not shipping. No guarantee on lifespan after arrival. Limit one per customer.

Dynastes tityus is the Eastern Hercules Beetle. This is our most impressive US beetle species that is somewhat regularly available in the pet trade. The specimen in the photo has the largest set of horns of any D. tityus we have ever seen.

This listing is for a captive bred adult MALE (no females available, sorry). These are very rarely available.

Make sure they stay in a humid enclosure. A dry substrate will shorten their lifespan considerably. Feed them fresh fruits and/or sugary liquids. They also eat beetle jellies (related products, below) if you want a food that won’t spoil or attract other pests like fruit flies, etc.

In the first scene of the video below, you can compare two males of the yellower D. tityus with the grayish male Dynastes granti.


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