Cross Orbweaver Spider Araneus diadematus


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Seasonally available with more inventory spring to fall. Limited number of winter specimens available now.

The Cross Orbweaver spider Araneus diadematus is the familiar orange with brown markings spider of North American gardens. They build the familiar, intricate circular webs. Interestingly, they typically tear down the web each night, eating it to recycle the materials and then rebuilding it.

More available upon request.

This spider may not appear to be in stock, but I can usually collect them on an as-needed basis. If you want more than what the shopping cart lets you buy (an inventory limiter may be in effect), please email me so that I can give you a seasonal estimate for how long it might take me to collect larger numbers.

Size of spiders varies, usually on the basis of season but not always.

$5 each. Size varies.


These cross orbweavers are pretty easy to care for. The trick is to give them the right set up. Ideally they are in a container of some kind that has some textured surfaces in it. These can be in the form of branches, or some people glue bits of cloth etc. to the sides of tanks. This allows the spiders to affix the attachment points for the webs. The spiders won’t often spin unless they have both space and those attachment points and sometimes you have to move things around a bit to stimulate them to spin. The size of the spider tends to dictate how much space is needed. Younger specimens need less space. It’s sort of trial by error sometimes to finding a tank size and set up that works, but much of the time it’s very easy too. I sell them but I pretty much just collect them when somebody orders one and don’t keep them in tanks myself due to the size already taken up by everything I keep.
You can also keep them in smaller vials and offer them food more directly into the vials. Small flies will be taken by specimens in this manner usually, even when they don’t have a web, and if they are hungry. It takes a little practice sometimes to induce the feeding response.

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