Chrysina gloriosa jewel beetle


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This listing is for a single unsexed ADULT of Chrysina gloriosa. These are considered by many to be the most beautiful beetle in the US.

These colorful green and silvery to gold, metallic beetles are short lived and most people keep them to then have them for deadstock displays. As such, we do not guarantee live arrival on them (but it should arrive alive, statistically). They feed on juniper including landscaping varieties that are common in restaurant parking lots both of vertical and horizontal growing varieties, as well as Arbor vitae which I was happy to discover in year 2000 when I first starting working with this species.

More photos at where they simply and uniquely describe the identification of this beetle as “unmistakable.”


Glorious Jewel Scarab #beetle #insect #bug #shiny #scarab #littlemonsters

♬ Dune Buggy – The Presidents of the United States of America


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