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This listing is for black 12 X 12 X 12 inch cages with “NO” vinyl viewing window. Please see “related products” below if you want a cage with a clear viewing window. This no-window option is preferrable to some people raising butterflies and other specimens that need all the walls of the tank to be textured to the piont they are easily held onto by specimens that may be molting or freshly molted.

These unique black net cages are must haves for anybody raising young mantises (including egg cases), caterpillars, or eclosing butterflies or moths, raising stick-insects, etc. These are the smallest mesh enclosures that we sell. The mesh is fine enough that pests cannot enter the cage, nor can even the smallest fruit flies escape if you are using it for feeding young mantises in. One face of the cube has an opening that is closed very effectively with a zipper. Or, just unzip a few inches to drop in some fruit flies or to easily perform tank maintainence, etc. The cages are washable. Misting your pets is very easy as fine water droplets still pass through the mesh very easily.

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