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The Pleasing Fungus Beetle, Cyperotylus californicus (formerly Gibbifer californicus), is a blue to gray beetle that is among the cutest of all pet bugs. We have never sold these through the website before but offer them now after successfully keeping some of them alive for a year on fungus/mushrooms. We were using store bought mushrooms but moved them over to our new kinshi product several months ago. They seem to prefer it greatly to other options we’ve given them (and it’s quick and easy and doesn’t have a short shelf life like store bought mushrooms).

They do enjoy moisture in their tank and like a big chuck of wood. We spray the wood every couple of days and fungus. We use oak. The tank should have a substrate, ideally. Coconut fiber, etc is fine. Too humid and they seem to die early.

$6.00 each.

Photos on Bugguide.

Videos from the Bugs In Cyberspace YouTube Channel.

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