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This new pet bug cage is excellent for a variety of pet bugs including small to medium arachnids, mantises, roaches, centipedes, millipedes and even aquatics. At the 3 to 4 inch mark there is a row of ventilation holes and then again, near the lid at the top, another set of holes. These ventilation holes are on two sides of the container and help to provide cross-ventilation which is helpful in preventing the air in  your pet bug’s container from becoming stagnant. Because they are so small, evaporation is limited vs other mainstream aquariums and kritter keepers where ventilation is on average way to high for most pet bugs that tend to occupy moist niches in nature, or reside in subterranean burrows where humidity is greater than that of ambient air.

As noted in pictures, this listing is for the empty cup and lid, only. (no bark, moss, substrate, etc.)

This square cup + lid has a volume of 80 ounces and measure about 5 inches x 5 inches x 7 inches, as pictured.

Ventilation holes are molded into the side of the cup so there are not any sharp edges. The small holes keep pests out, and are small enough to keep in feeder fruit flies.

The flip lid at the top (see other photos in gallery) makes feeding and watering easy for all your invertebrate pets.

These ship in larger than usual boxes, due to their size, and some of the shipping cost is built into the product cost for this reason.


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