Florida Ivory Millipede Chicobolus spinigerus


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The Florida Ivory Millipede Chicobolus spinigerus is perhaps the best pet species in the hobby. These grow to 4 inches and live for 5 to 10 years. Size varies from about 2 or so inches. They are attractive and more surface-active on the substrate than many other hobby species.

Their black and white banding reminds me of a backgammon board with its series of up and down triangles along the segments.

Millipedes require a substrate of mixed organic matter (see related products, below).


My mantis Napoleon catches a ride with his bro. #napoleondynamite #mantis #millipede #insects #tiktokpets #tiktokpet #petsoftiktok #fyp #duetthis

♬ original sound – Vienna Rovenstine


Ivory Millipedes are featured at the 08:20 mark in the following video.

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