Eumesosoma roeweri harvestman


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First time listing on the site as of 9/14. $9 each. We believe these strange harvestmen are Eumesosoma roeweri. Medium to large specimens with legspans around the size of a nickel if outstretched. Guessing these are omnivores as they are feeding on both fish food pellets and dead roaches. We’ll offer them some carrot and apple too.

Our identification is not with 100% certainty, but should be considered tentative.

The link above is to where they note:

Life Cycle
“Limited information suggests oviposition takes place in the autumn, with eggs hatching in the spring (late winter in warmer climates) and sexual maturation occuring by summer. Specimens maintained in the laboratory do well on a diet of beer and sugar water, but lettuce, cockroaches, and moths are eaten as well; no cannibalism was noted.” –Cokendolpher 1980

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