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Bess Beetles are historically one of the most popular insects observed in classrooms across the US due to their large size and ease of care and the sounds they make when held.

$9.99 each. Please note that it is common for these colony pets to be missing tarsi (tips of legs) on arrival. Specimens are not guaranteed to be perfect in this regard and occasionally have a small blemish on the elytra (wing covers). They have wings beneath this but cannot fly.

Care is easy. The feed on rotting wood and this can be a substrate unto itself or a portion of a soil based substrate.

Rather than write a huge section, I’ll simply paste the following link which also references a book that quotes these beetles as having “a more elaborate system for communication than any other arthropod!”

Link: Horned Passalus at University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

A video from my YouTube Channel.

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  1. nolenthomas2006 (verified owner)

    Great beetles!

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