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This listing is for a wild caught Dynastes granti adult male. There is NO LIVE GUARANTEE on these beetles because they are wild caught, in short supply and they have limited adult lifespans anyway. Present “age” is unknown. They ship live. No live guarantee on arrival. No exceptions. I ship them to you merely as a novelty and for many people a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Buyer beware.

Note: The specimen in the photo is a major male [70 mm] and is larger than presently available specimens. I’m currently offering medium sized males and they are priced accordingly.

This is the longest, most impressive rhino beetle in the United States. Dynastes granti has the longer top horn that collectors prize in the even larger South American Hercules beetles. Our native US D. granti are no slouchers though, topping out at around 3 inches for males. Average specimens range in at closer to 2 inches (males) and do not have the major male horn structure that the specimen in the photo has. Females do not have horns.

I only offer these for a few weeks each year, at most. Even though your adult beetle’s life span will be zero to 1 month probably at most, they are still one of the most impressive pet bugs you will probably ever see in the US hobby.

Adult beetles feed on apple, banana or watered down brown sugar or maple syrup. We sell beetle jellies too, which are convenient because they don’t rot like fresh fruit or dry up like sugar water.

Give the beetles something to hold onto on the surface of the substrate, like bark or branches, etc.

The video below compares the yellower Dynastes tityus to the longer, olive-colored Dynastes granti.

 No Live Guarantee is mentioned three times on this page!

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