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Arizona Insects 2001

Western Arizona, from California, we try to spend the night down by Organ Pipe Cactus Monument.  We unsuccessfully try to sleep in the large van around midnight, as day temperatures have fallen from 120 F, to 105 F.  So, restlessly, we headed east to Pena Blanca Lake, knowing that we didn't drive 1500 miles to sleep!
Collecting in Arizona never gets boring, a bit hot yes, but never boring!  Here we head East again, towards the Huachuca Mts. and through Montezuma pass, then up to Sierra Vista.  We stayed one night at Copper Canyon, a beautiful and well known canyon, rich in nature!  This was a lot of driving, but a good way to beat the heat of the day.  Most of the interesting collecting can be done in the early morning and evening hours anyway, and of course the night-time blacklighting is what we really drove all this way for! Heading West, we pick up my mother (Lynn), at the Tucson airport.  After visiting the Sonoran Arthropod Museum, we head South to what I think is the best collecting area of Arizona- Madera Canyon in the Sierra Madre Mts.  Many Herpers cruise Continental Road, leading into the canyon, mornings and nights.  We did a bit of night cruising ourselves, and found a diversity of animals.